Our institute is offering one of the best program today, which is in demand of time. Construction boom and Interior Design is need of time in most of the developing nations like India.We have developed quit a unique program by opting which a student can establish his or her career to a new heights.

Our modules teach you same subjects as you learn in a 5 Years of degree program of B.Architecture but you develop the same skill in our fast track program in 2 Years Study + 1 Year of Internship.By doing this program one can master skill of Architecture as well Interiors Design which has a huge scope for Jobs and for a private practice that too in 3 Years.

Our Institute is located in heart of New Delhi which helps students to visit sites and see the latest techniques in constructions and building material. Best Architects faculty from the Top colleges, A.C & Wi-Fi classroom the program also offers study tours and meeting with various top notch Architects and Designers from India and Abroad.D.S.A.D is committed to guide on the issues like program content, curriculum, industry orientation, academic policies and future directions with one aim- to make design education more relevant and contemporary.

Our architectural education deal with the balance between development of mind, of sensitivity to the nature of architectural task relevant to our society and our time and the inculcation of skills to interpret them into the language of building. The teaching faculty is sourced from the profession itself (Architect) to ensure synergies between the academics and the practice.

Ar.Tarun Gupta

B.Arch (Manipal University) , M.Arch (Environmental Design Germany)

Director (Delhi School Of Architecture)

Director (N.A.T.A Classes)

Director (Elegant Design Solutions)

Director (S.D.R Magazine)